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Few sports combine relaxation and activity as well as golf. If you play this game, you can enjoy yourself while getting competition and exercise at the same time. When things don’t wind up going how you want, though, it can get disastrous. For all the physical practice you might get, you should also know the best golf mental tips too. Keep reading to learn what some of them are.

You need to start by accessing good thoughts about your swing. If you want to physically hit a good shot, then you need to address this in your mind before you actually swing. Even if your day is going through full of poor strikes and missed shots, negative thinking will only compound things. Changing your mental approach can get you out of a slump or funk. Clear your mind of past shots so that you can focus on the current one. A pre-shot routine that involves visualization is a great thing to do.

Choose a target zone. Every shot needs to have a target line and purpose. Never hit the ball just to get it moving somewhere. Once you have visualized your shot in your head, choose an actual course target. This might be the flag, some spot on the green, or even a safe zone down the fairway that could make your next shot another good one. Ideally, you’ll land your ball in within 20 feet of your target zone. Having said that, your target zone will decrease a lot in the short game.

Keep things simple. Evaluating your swing while on the course can help, but it might also start overcomplicating things in your head in the middle of the round. If you play one shot poorly, you should just erase that memory so you don’t waste your next shot trying to mentally correct some mechanical flaw. If you want to analyze things, do it after the game is over. Overcompensation, misdiagnosis of your swing problems, and ill-advised swing techniques typically result in deflated confidence levels and bloated scores on the card. A consistent mental approach through each round is better to avoid discouragement. Take things one shot at a time so you can open yourself up to a good run at any point in the game.

You can’t just be mindful when about to take your swing. In between, you need to be mindful of what’s happening when others are taking their own shots. You can use this time to make your mind ready for your own shot when your next turn shows up. Your friends and golfing buddies will appreciate the attention, and you might just earn yourself an extra moment to take a breath before every shot.

Now that you’ve read these best golf mental tips, you can take your practice from the physical side to the psychological one, which might be where you’re holding yourself back. Apply these ideas to your own game, be it teeing off, getting down the fairway, and through putting. Soon enough your ball will get in the hole with fewer strokes than ever before.