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We all love a good game of golf, but it’s no secret that many people get frustrated while playing it. Do you find yourself getting frustrated during golf? If so, then keep the below tips in mind for reducing frustration when playing golf.

Learn To Laugh  
You probably already know that laughter is a good way to counteract stress and negative emotions in general. What you might not know is that laughter can come in handy while out on the golf course. When you mess up on your swing or you are feeling frustrated because you’re way behind on the scorecard, then just let out a bit of laughter. You might end up feeling better right away.

On that note, do learn how to take a joke. If you can’t take a joke while golfing, then you’ll only keep on getting frustrated. If you can learn how to laugh at yourself, then you’ll reduce your frustration while playing golf.

Squeeze Your Golf Balls
Another thing you can do is squeeze your golf balls whenever you start feeling stressed, annoyed, anxious or frustrated. There are stress reliever balls that you can buy and use too, but golf balls work just as good. Just keep a spare ball in your pocket, that way you have easy access to it.

Here’s a tip, squeeze your ball after missing a shot when you should have had a good chance of getting the ball in. Squeeze a golf ball when you have just played a horrible round too. You might be surprised at how much this will help in regards to reducing frustration while golfing.

Step Aside And Remain Quiet
As soon as you get angry while playing golf, you should step aside and take five minutes. Take a few minutes to just gather your thoughts and to get yourself nice and calm. As long as you’re not playing in a timed game and there aren’t many people waiting to play the hole you’re at.

Think of this as a form of meditation. Remain quiet and don’t think of anything until your five minutes are up. During that time, you should take deep breaths in and deep breaths out.

Remind Yourself It’s A Game
Finally, you should always remind yourself that it’s just s game and you’re there to have fun. If you keep reminding yourself this, eventually it will sink in and you’ll fine playing golf to be fun again. Do bear in mind that this may take a bit of practice, but the more you tell yourself it’s a game, the easier things will get. Better yet, do this before every hole you play.

Those tips can help you reduce frustration when playing golf. There are dozens of other things you can do, but those are a few of the top ones. Make sure you implement those tips every single time you are on the course. Before you know it, you’ll improve your game because you won’t feel as frustrated as you normally do.