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Golf is a game of no guts no glory. It seems to have the most questions that lack answers. For instance when your opponent pulls a fun stand during the tournament what are you obligated to do? It is always advisable to stay calm on the golf course and try as much as you can to showcase the best quality of yourself. However, it is a game after all, which means that it needs to be as enjoyed as it is cherished. Below are tips to enjoy golfing more.

Always remind yourself every time is just a game that should be enjoyed. This is enough self-motivation that will keep you going. Every time you take a shot it feels like a matter of life and death. It can be frustrating in case you miss a shot. Take it easy and be calm. There will be more games to come. Reminding yourself of this every time you are on the course is a sure way to enjoy golfing.

Create a systematic breathing pattern. It is important to come up with solid relaxation plan, you can decide to hold your breath for a particular period of time. For instance, you can hold your breath and release it slowly counting from fifteen to zero when you are about to tee off. This helps in clearing out the unpleasant past experiences on the course and improves your chances of getting a better shot at it this time round. You will be surprised at the tees that you will be able to make once you let go of your anxiety.

The other tip for enjoying golf more is to let the excessive tension go. Tension and fear is the greatest enemy of golfing. What’s more, a tense and scared golfer will make silly mistakes that may lead to a loss. Therefore, for you to enjoy golfing keep calm, take deep and controlled breaths to let go of the tension that is holding the champion in you.

Be free irritate and rattle your opponents. Let the child inside you go out and play, sneeze, cough make funny sounds when your opponent is taking a swing and of course blame it on your surroundings. If you are playing with your friends, this will make golfing a fun sport. You will definitely be excited for that tee day so that you can get the chance to do it some more.

If you have some free time on your hands, go to the course and practice your swing. By the time you go for a tee off with your crew, you will have perfected your swings. They will soon start to marvel at the fact that you can get to the 18th hole with very few, well-calculated swings. This will be thrilling because the more you win, the more you enjoy it.

Finally, do not have over the top expectations if you are a beginner. This will lead to disappointments when you do not get what you expected, which could cause disinterest in the game.