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Mastering the perfect golf swing takes a lot of time and effort. One problem that people commonly encounter is a subconscious fear of hitting the ground. To avoid taking a divot, they swing too high, causing them to top the ball or bury the tee.

For many people, consciously trying to swing closer to the ground simply doesn’t work. At the last minute, their fear gets in the way, causing their club to raise slightly just before it approaches the ground.

If this problem sounds familiar, there are some techniques that may help. One thing that you can try to get over a fear of the ground when playing golf is to spend a little bit of time purposely taking divots. Find an out-of-the-way area where you can just swing over and over again. Each time you swing, focus on coming in low enough that you take a divot.

This technique may sound like a waste of time. As it turns out, however, it helps your brain get a better sense of where the ground is in relation to your club. You already know how to swing too high. By training your brain what it feels like to swing too low, you then should be able to find a balance between the two, coming in at just the right height.

Another thing that you might try is moving closer to the ball. If you are too far away from the ball, you have to stretch to reach it. This can cause you to inadvertently top the ball. By stepping just a little bit closer, however, the angle of the club decreases, meaning that you don’t have to stretch quite as far. As a result, it is easier to swing close to the ground.

Sometimes, the problem is caused by overthinking. If you concentrate on your swing too much, your brain can get in the way. This is one situation where it is best to let your body take over rather than relying on your brain. Because you have practiced swinging so much, your body naturally knows what to do. If you let it do what it was trained to, it will generally perform quite well. If you try to think about things too much, however, performing the perfect swing is a lot harder.

Another thing you can try is keeping your eyes on the ball until the point of contact. If you look away too early, it may cause you to pull up, resulting in the club coming in too high. By watching until you actually hit the ball, however, you are more likely to maintain the correct path, striking the ball at exactly the right height.

Getting over a fear of hitting the ground when playing golf takes a little bit of work. However, the effort is well worth it. Once you learn to stop topping balls, your playing will dramatically improve, allowing you to get a lot more enjoyment out of the game. Practice some of the techniques above to start perfecting your swing today.