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You spend hours on the course playing and practicing. You hit the driving range to improve the accuracy and length of your drives. You stop at the practice putting green. How much time do you spend on improving the mental side of your golf game? Do you realize improving your mental game will not only lower your score, but it will also simultaneously improve every aspect of your life?

Your Mind, Your Game, Your Life
Every improvement in life, including your golf score, starts by getting control of your thoughts and learning to perform at your highest levels in all types of conditions. Learning to leverage your skills and at a high level consistently is the key. Here are a few key elements from the mental game of golf, which will improve the rest of your life, too.

Believe In Yourself
It is tempting to believe everyone else has the advantage. You see their long drives. They have the best clubs and you are using Walmart specials. Instead of looking at their advantages, start focusing on your strengths and visualize using those strengths to win.

Really analyze your game. Are you great with your irons and short game? A shorter drive might be your advantage, not your weakness. You can leverage better positioning, your approach, chipping closer to the hole, and superior putting to win. Believe in your strengths and use them to win.

Focus On The Next Shot And Only That Shot
Both in golf and in life, we are tempted to focus on the entire game (or job) instead of the task at hand. If you switch your thinking to only focusing on the game one stroke at a time, your game will improve. Give 100% attention to what the next step is. Ignore the final outcome of the hole, or the round, and give this shot everything you have. When you finish the last hole, you can look back with pride knowing you did everything you could to achieve success. The same is true in your career, relationships, and other interests. Focus on the here and now to improve your life.

Create Routines: The Power Of Habit
Golf is a tricky sport. You think you have your emotions under control, you are focused, and everything is going perfect, then it is not. This is when you need to have routines. Muscle memory and mental habits can take over when your nerves are trying to take over. Focus on your routines. Having a routine allows you to ignore stress when you are feeling the pressure of being in the lead, or when the ball took a crazy bounce. Routines at work allow you to keep getting the job done and performing optimally, even when things are going crazy all around you.

Learning to control your thoughts and habits will improve both your golf game and your life. Conversely, learning how to remain calm on the job, using routines at work, and focusing on the tasks at hand can translate back into your golf game. Improving your mental strength flows through all parts of your life, on the course and off.