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A vacation, extended weekend, or laid back sunny Sunday morning, talking about any of these are not complete without mentioning the game of golf. What is golf exactly? It is an outdoor game with the aim of hitting a golf ball in a series of holes using the least number of strokes as possible. One round of golf is comprised of 18 holes. The amount of strokes that you need to hit a ball in the hole is called your Par. There is a teeing area around each hole that includes a green that is a well-mown area surrounding the hole, along with a rough sideline, and fairway. There are also undesirable barriers such as water and sand traps that are referred to as bunkers.

It is thought that its origins come from chole, which was an ancient game which means “ball.” Most people think the game of golf was born in Scotland, probably from egowfi, which was a banned 15th-century game. Folklore, however, relates it to an acronym for the phrase Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden. During the second half of the 19th century, the modern game of Golf emerged once again in Scotland. Over the course of the 20th century, golf experienced a facelift, as various golf techniques and equipment were invented.

Golf has become an integral part of our social fabric as the preferred game of high-end businessmen and the elite. Would you believe us if we told you that golf is added by many US business schools to their management curriculum? Golf is definitely a game associated with social status. Large sums of money need to be spent on the latest modern equipment, golf course green fees, and the right clothing. This has all worked to keep golf out of reach of the common person. However, the game has achieved massive popularity which can be seen in the fact that there are more than 32,000 golf courses all over the world.

Players move about the golf course and their caddies follow them and manage the players’ equipment. Whichever player’s ball is farthest away from the hold plays first, and then each of the players will have a chance to play their ball. The game is won by either the team or individual that wins the maximum number of holes. It may be played by individuals or teams of four. “Golf handicap” is an interesting term that the golfing community uses. It refers to the score of proficiency of various players that affect their net scores, and therefore allow players with different abilities to play against one another.

People often say that golf is played by etiquette and not rules. However, there are some rules that have been laid down. The most basic rules include “play the course the way you find it,” “play the ball where it lies,” and if you are unable to either, the do what is fair.” There are several different kinds of shots that can be played by a golfer, including a golf swing, chip, flop, pitch, put, bunker shot, and fairway shot. The most complex of all of the shots is the golf swing. It requires perfect coordination of the player’s entire body.

Golf equipment over the years has continued to grow both in terms of technique and sophistication. From golf shoes, bags, cart, tee, and balls, there is a huge market. Professional golf was first played by Britsh officers. There are now a number of golf tournaments such as the U.S. Open, Ryder Cup, PGA tour, etc. During this time when pollution is such a serious problem, the sprawling golf courses are the breathing lungs for the towns and cities where they are located. They help to nurture the local fauna and flora and offer a welcome break from the concrete jungle of the city.