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About Us

Susan Fox and Beverly Taylor met many years ago when they were teaching different aspects of the brain. Our mission is to improve the golf experience of a million golfers. Susan and Beverly share simple, yet powerful focus and concentration ideas that can greatly improve a golfer’s performance.

About us

Susan Fox is a natural stress relief coach.  She teaches clients locally and globally how to clear mental blocks preventing them from having a happy life experience.

In addition to being a stress management coach and thinking strategies trainer, she is an expert in brain dialog.  The brain is made up of the equivalent of 4 basic, living, computer software programs.  Each of your brain’s individual quadrants interprets life from 4 specific, basic viewpoints namely: accuracy, efficiency, creativity and compatible relationships.  No matter what relationship you are involved in, even the ones with the different parts of yourself, as you communicate, you sometimes feel and interact in conflicting viewpoints.  For golfers, this can create mental blocks that hold you back from playing your best game.

Since 1988, Susan has taught thousands of students and clients about how their brain really functions.  Applying this training, her students have prevented their own divorce, saved friendships, reduced body pain and inflammation and resulted in living happier, more focused lives. These same strategies can help golfers improve their golf game experience.

As a youngster, Susan enjoyed playing golf with her father.  She likes sharing mental golf tips with golfers because it reminds her of being with her dad.

One time when Susan volunteered as a standard bearer at an LPGA tournament in Virginia, she got to spend some time with a golf pro on the putting green.  Watching the pro putt, she could see an error in her stroke mechanics.  It involved a focus issue. Susan suggested a simple focus tip for the golfer which instantly improved the pro’s next putting stroke.

So, you ready to play a better golf game?  Let’s schedule a tee time and create a game plan that works for you!

About us

Susan Fox


Beverly Taylor is a Transformational Life Coach and Certified Sports Hypnotist. In addition to that, she is an expert in brain chemistry. Through her knowledge of how the brain works, she has helped numerous sports professionals and amateurs improve their mindset for success in their sport.

She is the founder of the Easy Key to Life™ method. The Ultimate Brain Change! The Easy Key to Life™ Method is a simple, yet profound, way of clearing out negative emotions and limiting thoughts to access one’s true love, happiness, success, and wisdom. In the Easy Key to Life Method, we look at the many drivers of negative behavior, such as emotions, habits, beliefs, saboteurs, and brain chemistry. Then when a client metaphorically releases or removes the negative stuck emotions, habits, beliefs, or saboteurs, what is then accessible is love, happiness, success and wisdom. Balancing and supporting brain chemistry with excellent nutrition also supports this process, and with some people, may be the most important ingredient.

In one case, a man came to her for anger management. His wife of over 25 years mandated that it was either anger management or divorce. So, he chose anger management via hypnosis/life coaching. After only one session, he immediately saw results when someone cut him off on the freeway and he only thought, “Well, I guess he’s just having a bad day”. He marveled that was his reaction as previously he would have been screaming in road rage! But the best thing in his mind was that his next golf game was 3 points less than normal. He came back for another session to reduce the anger even more. Not only was there no more talk of divorce, but he called Beverly later to say that he was so thrilled that his handicap had reduced 3 points! He realized that his anger was in the way of him focusing and concentrating better in his golf game.

“I must also mention the incredible women in my life, such as my mother Rita Sanford, Beverly Taylor (whose hypnotherapy tapes help me cope with surgery and life goals) and our team psychologist and fellow UCLA alum Janice Furst.” Brendon Ayanbadejo, NFL Linebacker, three time Pro Bowl player, AFC Defensive Player of the Week. Quoted from article in The Huffington Post

For over five years, Beverly has been personally trained in gender differences and brain chemistry by Dr. John Gray, world renowned author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. She is a dynamic, inspirational, passionate and informative speaker who motivates her audiences.

Beverly is certified in Advanced Hypnosis, Habit Control Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, Sports Enhancement Hypnosis, Medical Hypnosis, HypnoCoaching, Transformational Healing Method and holds a multiple subject Bilingual Teaching Credential and BA from UCLA. She is a Certified Stress Management Consultant. She one of only two people certified to teach the Transformational Healing Method by Marilyn Gordon. Beverly is an honored member of the Cambridge Who’s Who and has been awarded the 2005 Achievement Award in Hypnosis and 2006 Angel Award from the International Hypnosis Federation, in addition to being a charter member, plus 2007 Recognition of Exceptional Performance from the National Guild of Hypnotists.